Are wallets made from genuine carbon fibers?

Yes, MYEDC wallets manufactured using the best carbon-fiber plates /grade A++/ in the tactical wallets market, therefore it is sturdy, durable, elegant, yet has RFID-safe features. These plates are stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum

What is carbon fiber weave that is used in some wallets designs?

Encapsulated carbon fibers structured in a soft flexible coating that provides the same feel of leather. The material uses HD Carbon Fiber which has a tight weave with no gaps

Are wallets made from premium aerospace grade Aluminium?

Yes, MYEDC wallets were manufactured using reinforced Lightweight premium anodized aerospace grade aluminium shields with superior durability. Aluminium usually has many advantages: it's light, resistant, rust-resistant and 100% recyclable. It is also a durable and eco-friendly material. Using it is a real innovation and an alternative to leather

 Are wallets made from genuine leather?

Yes. the leather used is 100% genuine top grain leather sourced from trusted tanners in compliance yet follow very strict international regulations that protect nature, reduce emissions, yet respect human-labor laws

Are wallets made from aluminium or leather?

A talented team of designers and engineers made sure to combine both. The base layer of the shield is manufactured from premium anodized aerospace grade Aluminium where it provides RFID-safe protection. while on the other hand, coated with high-end exterior of 100% genuine grain leather finish to allow a softer yet firmer grip for daily use

What is the difference between aluminum and carbon fiber wallets?

Aluminium is a material commonly used but carbon fiber provides a new solution for many constructions. Carbon fiber offers many advantages including light weight, practically zero heat expansion, easy machining and high rigidity. Therefore, carbon fiber wallets could be a newer yet preferable material in comparison to aluminium in manufacturing smart wallets with hi-tech features

Can a customer request extra or specific accessory with the wallet he/she would like to purchase (e.g. silicon strap, extra RFID-blocking card – detachable metal clip) ?

No, this is not how we sell, each product comes pre-defined with appropriate accessories

Do wallets have RFID-safe or technology features?

Yes. MYEDC wallets have the following features, so you could enjoy peace of mind when carrying your cards. they will block any RFID scanning and in return keep the stored data on cards safe. They will protect banking cards from demagnetization, that can be caused by mobile phones, laptops, and purses or wallets magnets. Nonetheless they have mechanical protection that save cards from scratches and dents

Do wallets have an extra FREE RFID-safe card?

Yes. Some wallets come with extra free card to protect your cards from any data transfer, where you could place it in any other wallet you have

 Is a MYEDC wallet small enough to be placed in any pocket?

Yes, you could keep a wallet inside a shirt, jacket, blazer, cardigan, coat, raincoat. Or slide it in the front or back pocket of your pants, shorts, jeans, chinos, or even tuxedo…etc 

Can you put any international cards, paper currency, or coins in a MYEDC wallet?

Yes, you can place any debit, credit, citizenship, residency, membership, or access, or paper cards. These cards are universally unified in size. Nonetheless, you can add any paper-currency like Dollars, Euro, or pounds. But you could not carry any coins!

Where MYEDC wallets were manufactured?

MYEDC wallets were manufactured in /Shenzhen, China/ under strict supervision of highly qualified engineers to exceed expectations. The materials used in manufacturing are perfectly safe for human use.

Will business cards fit in a MYEDC wallet?

Yes, as long as they have the same size and dimensions of credit cards

Are there any instructions that come with MYEDC wallet?

No. There are no instructions, but you could refer to our website user manual for each design

Will both the clear transparent non- tearable plastic window pocket and the silicon band lose their functionality with time ?

No. Both are manufactured from high quality materials and substances for long usage and endurance

Will the dark colour rub off, fade, or have colour transfer?

No. The materials used in manufacturing are chosen carefully to meet international high-end quality standards. It is advised though not to leave your wallet in the sun, humidity, rain, or snow. Since these external factors may affect the surface eventually. It is also preferred to keep your wallet away from light colours fabrics and clothes so it will not cause any damages

Can you fit a car key inside a MYEDC wallet?

No. Please keep the bulky car key away

Can a customer ask to remove the logo, or add any other engravings?

No. Unfortunately our company cannot remove the logo and we cannot provide any custom engravings for our customers at the moment 

Will money fallout from a MYEDC wallet?

No. Both paper-cash and cards will not fall out of the wallet. MYEDC wallets were designed and tested to avoid such incidents 

What is the MHZ frequency protection provided by a MYEDC wallet to preserve cards from RFID-data-theft?

Typically, MYEDC wallets provide protective layer that blocks 13-14Mhz electronic signals to keep your cards safe from being hacked

What is the capacity of a MYEDC wallet?

It depends on each design; this is indicated in the “features” of each product page

What is the weight of a MYEDC wallet?

It depends on each design; This information is indicated in the “specifications” of each product page

What are the dimensions of a MYEDC wallet?

It depends on each design; This information is indicated in the “specifications” of each product page



What countries do you ship to?

We sell and ship to USA & CANADA

How much does the shipping cost ?


  • Standard (Orders Under $15) $8
  • Standard (Order Over $15) Free
  • Express   $10


  • Standard (Orders Under CAD$20) CAD$12
  • Standard (Order Over CAD$20) Free
  • Express   CAD$15

Are there any custom fees up on order arrival to my country ?

Orders are usually shipped from the US or Canada. But it may be possible to be shipped from abroad for some stock reasons, so extra duties and taxes may apply, depending on your selected destination. Although it is unlikely, please note that MYEDC is not responsible for and does not refund these costs

How long will the shipping take ?

Your order should be on its way to you within 1 business day. Delivery times will vary, based on the service you selected and your chosen destination. All shipping estimates are calculated in business days. Please note that these are estimates and aren't guaranteed, we will not be able to reimburse expedited shipping costs for packages that miss the estimated delivery date, nor do we refund shipping costs for returned items. If you have any questions about shipping or delivery, please contact customer service at

How do I track my order ?

As soon as your item is shipped out you will receive an email to the address you provided us with your tracking information.

It has been a long time since the order was shipped, and the customer did not receive his/her order. The shipping tracking number states something the customer could not understand, What shall be done?

Please contact MYEDC customer service team as soon as possible at There may have been an issue with the pick-up service, which we'll sort out for you



Are MYEDC wallets under any guarantee or warranty?

MYEDC wallets are under 12 months guarantee from the date of delivery 

What is covered under the warranty?

MYEDC wallets warrants that the purchased product is free from manufacturing defects and will function as intended for the life of the product. Your 12 months warranty will include replacement parts in the event of failure or loss of: elastic, screws, inner plates, and/or money clip. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the elastic; scratches on the outer-plates; damages caused by accident, abuse, neglect, shock; improper use or storage of the product; unauthorized modifications or repairs.

What is not covered by the warranty ?

Normal wear and tear of the elastic; scratches on the outer plates; damages caused by accident, abuse, neglect, shock; improper use or storage of the product; unauthorized modifications or repairs.

How do I file a warranty claim ?

A picture of the damaged parts and/or wallet will be requested as part of the warranty assessment. You can make a claim through an official email to



How to exchange or return your order?

Please write an e-mail to

within maximum 30 days from the date of receiving the shipment stating the following:

  • Order details (Order Number or Shipment Tracking Number).
  • Full description of the item which you wish to exchange or return
  • Clear reason for exchange or return (wrong order, damaged, defects … etc).
  • Provide a clear photo for the damaged/defective item ( if applicable ).

Our customer service team will check and reply to you by e-mail at the earliest possible.

We hold the full rights entitlement to deal with each case of return & exchange upon its condition & circumstances.

Is there a time limit for return or exchange of products?

You have to contact us back within a time frame of 30 days from the date of your order delivery to request return or exchange only

Who pays for the return or exchange of a product?

It depends on each case; therefore, we advise you to contact the customer service team who will check and reply to you by e-mail at the earliest possible.

What must be the condition of the returned product ?

All returns must be unused, in the condition you received them.

How will the customer be refunded upon returning the product?

Upon receipt and inspection of the return, we will issue your approved refund via the original method of payment