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V02 – Credit Card Holder Wallet – Silver


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Replacement Silicone Band for V02 V03


Airtag Silicone Band for V03 V02


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Indestructible structure with a peculiar one-hand sliding mechanism for excellent functionality. Muradin designs aim at reconfiguring wallets for modern-day convenience. Crafting wallets that secure data, minimize carry, yet inspire an urban lifestyle

  • Holds up to 8 international, ID or RFID enabled-cards and 5 cash-bills
  • One Shield frame for cards protection and seamless sliding mechanism
  • The top strap attachment point
  • RFID blocking cards data protection
  • Cards protection against demagnetization
  • Cards mechanical protection against external factors such as dents and scratches
  • Perfect gift for prime-age men
  • One extra free RFID-blocking card to insert in any wallet


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  • Material: the chamfer substance is genuine anodized aerospace-grade aluminum
  • Durable silicon cash strap for a firm grip


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    • 12 Months warranty
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 99 reviews
    A truly minimalist wallet with some minor quirks

    Liked: the sliding retention system allowing cards to “click” into place. Completely metal wallet, will most likely last a lifetime. Ease of use.

    Disliked: minimalist to a fault, cards exposed. As pictured, the ID holding side does not have the same “click” feature so the card easily slides out without any pressure on the card making the idea of card retention on that side useless.

    Narrative: I will start by saying I did buy the wallet knowing the cards would be exposed. I thought initially I could get over it, but it is kind of weird to always see your cards. However, having a leather or fabric cover is what I was trying to get away from. Those parts usually fall apart, and a truly metal wallet is something I know will last much longer, probably forever. I have never had a problem with the card retention system muradin offers, it’s probably my favorite part of their system and I find myself playing with the feature to hear the audible “click.” While I was initially upset about the ID side not retaining my ID as securely, I learned that you could place your ID on the very back on the card retention side to use that as a quick access to your ID and use it to show someone quickly if asked. This meant I had my two most used cards in the retention system up front and my ID in the very back. I was at first unsure how the ID side worked, but it is just a ramp that holds the card with an overlapping metal piece to cover the sides of your card. It might have held the ID better if the overlapping bit extended the entire length of the card, but it only covers about 45% of it. The entire system can hold up to 7-8 cards comfortably depending on if you have some raised numbered cards vs completely flat cards. With the minimalist design, the added card for RFID blocking is not a nice to have anymore, it’s pretty much required adding to your card deck if that is something that will prevent you from buying. I don’t hold many cards at a time so this was fine. I did not care much for the lanyard and threw it away immediately, but funnier was the half inch screw driver that came with the box to replace or tighten existing screws. I know they are a wallet company and I don’t expect the screwdriver to be amazing, but it cannot extract the machine pressed screws no matter how great of grip strength you have. I threw that away as well. If you wanted to. You could in theory remove the ID side to lighten the wallet further and enhance the ease of use of the retention system, which I might do.

    Overall 3/5, -1 for the ID side, -1 for exposure to RFID.

    Rafael Fernández
    Mala calidad de tornillería.

    Es un gran producto, bastante robusto y bonito, sin embargo los tornillos venían demasiado apretados y terminé rompiendo la herramienta incluida y la que compre adicional para terminar el trabajo, además que fue muy complicado encontrar la llave allen necesaria ya que es muy pero muy pequeña. Una pena tener que devolverlo.

    Joseph Lazor

    The lanyard doesn’t fit with the clip and if the lanyard did work, the slot where you hold your ID’s is loose and open. Everything will fall out. Great gift for someone you don’t like at work.

    Your cards are safe

    So, I used a leather flat card holder that worked fine. There was nothing was wrong with it I just wanted something newer that met some qualifications. Had to be high tech looking. Check. The cards never pop out on their own. Check. Has to be durable. Double check. This thing is a beast and you know it if you drop it on a table. I did it on a glass one. Thank you tempered glass. No chips or scratches.
    I tried to wear it as a necklace but the lanyard annoyed my neck and I kept punching myself in the chest if I bent down and stood back up. Not a defect just a learning curve. I moved it down to my old zipline clip. That was a failure because I was using my zipline from my old badge holder that weighed nothing. This holder is solid and weighs at least a pound without cards. I have about 4 cards I carry in it like Work id, security fob, and some other security based cards. I think I could fit about 8 if I really tried. I ended up purchasing an industrial quality key ring zipline. This fixed the issue of the badge holder dropping from my hip and going down to my kneecap. So fair warning, this does not have a belt clip, you need to pick the version that does have it. If not you will need buy a heavy duty zipline so you can use the security access panels or a good landyard. If your on a military base then the lanyard will be your way to go. The one that comes with it is ok but not not high quality.

    MYEDC Customer
    Good product

    Good product

    Amarjeet Sharma
    Good product for secure and RFID technology proof

    Nice product which prevents wear and tear also prevents any RFID access like tap and payment

    Almost good

    Nice card holder, just an id pocket is too loose for a driver license

    So close to perfect, but one fatal flaw

    The main compartment for holding cards is perfect! It works great and holds cards securely. You can get the card you are looking for quickly and easily.
    The slot for an ID is so unsecure if you hold it upside down, it'll fall out. I'm not risking losing my id no matter how good the rest of the wallet is.

    Hopefully they will update the front slot and give it a lock or something.

    Five stars

    Excellent wallet thanks

    George A. Hale
    Nice little wallet

    Fits perfectly in my front pocket